The heat transmission rate U is the heat flow which goes through the window or door according to m2 of surface and for each degree of difference in temperature between exterior and interior. 

 The unit of thermic transmission measurement is W/m2K. 

 Good thermal insulation reduces heating costs in winter and acts as a heat shield in summer. Our windows feature modern thermal insulation glazing with high insulation values for the window frames. 

 TEOFILO solar protection glazing is a great way to prevent overheating. The energy striking the outer pane is largely absorbed or reflected and will not enter the room.


Capacity of a window anddoor to attenuate external noise. 

 TEOFILO’s high-quality window profiles, special sound insulation glazing and solid joints ensure optimum noise protection.


Capacity of the window or door to block seepage of water when it is struck by a water flow and there is a pressure difference between the internal and external side.


Characteristic of a closed vent to let air pass through when the internal and external pressures are mutually different; the smaller the volume dispersed, the greater the window or door quality.


Capacity of a window or door subjected to high pressure and/or suction, such as those caused by wind, to remain within admissible deformation limits and to conserve its initial properties so as to ensure protection and safety to the users.

Weather generally has a detrimental effect on windows and outside doors. Wind, storms and rain require a reliable design, tested joints and expert assembly.

Security is a good feeling

Even the standard versions of TEOFILO windows are difficult to prise open. The standard security fitting can if necessary be upgraded to provide even stronger protection against break-ins. 

TEOFILO windows and doors are made-to-measure in terms of form and function. We match your windows exactly to your home and your individual needs.