Every TEOFILO window is the result of the properly Italian passion for quality, a passion that is expressed throughout the production process, from the selection of materials up to the delivery of the finished product. 

Our hallmarks are high-quality selected materials, co-ordinated manufacturing processes, expert assembly, reliable service and secure warranties. 

 All TEOFILO windows and doors carry the CE mark, they are entirely produced in Italy and certified by the most important certifying institutes in Italy and abroad. The TEOFILO windows and doors are adaptable to any architectural need and they distinguish themselves by the superior resistance to every latitude and climate zone. 

 They own long duration, thermal and acoustic insulation, perfect water and salt tightness and they are also available in scratch-proof and anti-theft versions. 

 Every TEOFILO window is individually packaged with extreme care, so it is protected from possible damage and to ensure maximum attention deliveries.